Members must complete one of the following three charity projects in order to maintain membership:

*The completion of one of these projects per guild year satisfies the community service membership requirement. It is not mandatory to attend the workshop to create either quilt or bags. See more information by clicking the "Membership" tab on the navigation bar at the top of this page.

Baby Quilt Workshop*

Lap Robe Quilt* or Veteran’s Quilt*

The following are not mandatory, but participation is strongly encouraged:

Block of the Month

When held, individual block patterns will be distributed at each meeting, culminating in a completed quilt. 

Wheelchair Caddy

The following are two different patterns for making wheelchair or walker caddies. Please be as generous as possible in participating in this endeavor. The finished projects are donated to residents of nursing homes. 

Wheelchair Caddy.docx
Microsoft Word Document 36.6 KB
Adobe Acrobat Document 86.0 KB

Gift Exchange

At our December meeting, members share the joy of the holiday season by participating in a grab bag. Please bring a new, wrapped, sewing related gift of $20, and write your name on the outside so your recipient can thank you! A potluck dinner is also on the agenda, where members provide delicious homemade dishes for both dinner and dessert. Signups for the dinner menu will be in November.

Quilt Camp

Each year the Guild hosts a special, full day of sewing and fellowship for its members. Members can choose to attend a special class taught by enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructors or bring something of their own to work on.  The fee for non-members and guests is $15.

Quilt Camp 2022 will be announced at a later date. 

Mystery Quilt

To be announced

Applique Group

The Hidden Stitchers is an independent applique group separate from the guild. Please see Audrey Collins if interested.