Quarantine Quilts and Quotes

The COVID Pandemic of 2020 is one we will never forget. Quarantined and house-bound for many months, the ladies of the Great South Bay Quilters nevertheless used this time wisely to work on many unfinished projects. You'll see their beautiful work below. Additionally, as we haven't seen each other in over six months, some members wished to share some news with their friends at the Guild. 

A New Addition...


How adorable is this photo! Member Cindy C. sent this beautiful family photo and said...

"I haven’t done much quilting because as you can see we have a new addition to our family. My new grandson James was born July 31.  The few months leading up to the delivery were tense as my daughter and her husband moved out of the city and stayed on the north fork  But we are blessed with 2 healthy kids and I survived as well. James was born at 9 lbs.1 oz. and at 1 month he's over 12 pounds!"


Such wonderful news, Cindy! Congratulations to you and your beautiful family!


Another Beautiful Addition...

Ronnie A. also had some wonderful news to share...

"While I can't share pictures of quilts I made, I did have a very productive summer. I was fortunate to work with Ro G., who was making masks for St. Catherine's Hospital in Smithtown. Through this endeavor I was able to use up quite a bit of my stash of material. With the help of Mary Ann L., I was able to contribute over 1000 masks to St. Catherine's, my family, my neighbors, and our Outreach Program at Church. When my mask making days ended, I worked on UFO's and am seeing some progress. But the best news of all is that during the pandemic I became a great-grandmother. My grandson and his wife had the best possible production -- a beautiful baby girl whom they named Teagan Grace. I haven't stopped smiling since May 24. So now I have three children, nine grandchildren, and one great grandchild. I'm so blessed!"


Congratulations Ronnie! How wonderful that you have a new addition and that you, Ro and MaryAnn contributed so much to the PPEs so desperately needed by our health care workers. Well done!

Joyce shares a thought...

We all know how Joyce M. is one of our most talented and productive members. She has this to share with us...

"I've been keeping busy out in my garden, weather permitting, and doing some quilting as well. Here's a saying I found that makes me smile... 


     'Of course I talk to myself when I quilt...

        I need an expert opinion!'"


Joyce, we cant wait to see what beautiful creations you have to share when we're all together again!

Someone's been busy...


Stephanie G. never fails to amaze us with her beautiful work. About this photo, she explains...


"Here is a photo of the projects I have been working on since COVID-19 quarantined me.  Those on the lower left side are completed: two quilts, six snowflake wall hangings, a dozen tea bag travel holders, and several small quilt-on-the-go project bags.  And, four quilts that are sandwiched and basted, ready to quilt when the weather is cooler and will keep me warm on my lap as I hand quilt them. Hope you and the rest of the Guild members were productive, too, and to see everyone soon.
                     - A quilting-frenzied Stephanie"


Wow, Stephanie! Way to go with the needle and thread! Just gorgeous...we hope to see you soon, too!


Such busy hands...

Sarajean P. is another one of our creative and productive members. Here's some of her latest work, and she said...

"I miss our meetings and pray everyone is safe and healthy. The rest of my pandemic quilts are with Kim."

Such detailed and beautiful work, Sarajean! I like how you said 'the rest of your quilts'...of course there's more! Cant wait to see them in person!


Dottie C. sent this innovative way to use scraps. These three pictures are not the same...take a closer look and read what Dottie described...


"These scrap quilts were made by using a piece of scrap, squaring it off, and you just keep going. Method taught by Sherry of Babylon."





These last two are also from Dottie... on the left are of some masks she made and the one on the right is from Ronnie's Block of the Month.


Nice work, Dottie! Thanks for sharing such great ideas!

A UFO...Finished!!!


Who could ever forget this incredibly challenging and oh-so-worthwhile English Cottages quilt? JoAnn I. certainly did an outstanding job on completing such a beautiful work of art...and much thanks to Gerrie F. for teaching it to our members!

"When Irish Eyes..."


JoAnn I. sent another picture of her work...this one of the Mystery Quilt presented by Cindy C. 


So glad you continued with the blocks, JoAnn, even though COVID prevented us from sharing this beautiful result at show and tell. Love the colors!!






From Pat Bandura...

"I started this quilt in early March and finished mid August. It is called Hope and is from my favorite designer, Ester Aliu.

"It is all from my stash except for a few purples (I can never have enough purples but they always seem to disappear.

"I miss our meetings and getting to talk to you all."

Busy Hands...

From Audrey

"Didn't think I had gotten much done but I guess I have. MaryAnn, Ginny, Ronnie and I made Scott (my grandson) and his wife Jessie their king sized quilt. And of course Kim quilted it beautifully. We make one for each of the nieces and nephews when they marry. I finished Cindy's mystery quilt and finished Christmas stockings which I make for my nieces and nephews and any new additions to the family. Teagan is Ronnie's new great grand daughter. Of course her stocking fits in with her mother's and father's - Mr. and Mrs. Mouse. Three more pairs before Christmas! Miss you all!"

From Your Webmistress...

The one on the left is of a t shirt quilt made out of my husband's 18,000 Bruce Springsteen concert tees he's had in his closet for 40 years. (okay, I exaggerated the number but not the years!!) When my sister saw it she said "oooh... I have my Moody Blues tees...could you...?" (You know the rest).

I also finished the Block of the Month...thanks, Cindy...so much fun ... and then tried my hand at another applique quilt, which I find I enjoy very much. The center photo is of the finished quilt, and the one on the right is a close up of one of the blocks. It's called "Forever My Valentine".

What a Guy!!

Dottie's husband John made her a quilt rack...you're a lucky lady, Dottie! It's beautiful!

MaryAnn Is So Talented!


MaryAnn says... “Another quilt done during the pandemic. The pattern was from a photo that I think Gerrie had made. Good use of scraps and a lot of fun, too! 🤗”


 Nice work, MaryAnn! You always use such beautiful colors in your creations!


“No, it’s not Liz’ quilt!”

Audrey has been busy as usual, creating one of a kind creations in her “spare” time! She says, “It passes the time, and no, it’s not Liz’ quilt! She hand quilted the entire piece!

Country cottage quilt

Remember this pattern taught by Gerrie? Audrey finished hers and it was expertly quilted by Kim Y. Check out the details of sun and clouds in the background. Beautiful!

More from Dottie C

These 2 panels were buried in my stash. The red and blue scenery is from Arizona where we vacationed when John retired 10 yrs ago.  Don't remember when I bought the snowman.  Quilted by my friend Mary S. from Stony Brook“

More from your webmistress...

A friend’s grand baby is due in March, so I made a quilt, reading pillow, monogrammed stuffed animal and bookmark. So much fun to do!
I’m also working through my unfinished projects. Here’s a quilt I finally quilted...the biggest one I’ve ever tackled. It was tough but so glad it’s done. I only have one more to go!

Three more from Dottie!

Dottie just keeps on going! She says, “ The larger quilt was made from the scraps of Ronnie’s block of the month. You had to cut her stars carefully so you got another quilt from the cuts.” 

Maryann has two more!

MaryAnn says both of these were easy patterns. The blue and white was quilted by Kim. 

Dottie just keeps going and going...

Dottie says, “Working on Karen K Buckley’s ‘Mexican Fiesta’ since 2012, or thereabouts. John measured before assembling and found it wouldn’t fit on my wall. Made 4 quilts from it and 2 pillows. Still have 2 blocks left.”